Data Challenge

  • Industry
    Distribution is fundamentally concerned with ensuring that products reach target customers in the most direct and cost efficient manner. The industry is one of the most dynamic and challenging when considering all the variables that need to be accounted for.

    Excellent distribution companies take into account route optimization, fuel consumption, product properties, user needs, and user traits when creating the best and most efficient plans for maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Business Case
    As the biggest distribution and logistics company in the region, Nelt works with thousands of businesses of different sizes, needs, procedures, and policies. In order to maintain stable relations with all of them, Nelt customizes their approach in order to meet the clients’ needs. Sometimes clients unintentionally end up with more products than they can manage, or with liquidity issues and debt problems, all adding up to potential losses for Nelt.

    The goal is to develop a system which determines the clients’ stability and capacity in order to help Nelt to manage risk and to decide what is the best approach to get the best possible result both for the Nelt and thousands of retailers they work with on a daily basis.
  • Toolset
    We want you to provide the most insightful solutions possible. You can use any Data science tool that you believe will give you an edge and you will have the ultimate boost with Data analytics and visualization tools provided by IBM. We believe that when your skills meet Watson’s, you will be able to take on any challenge!
  • Prize
    The winning team of the IBM Datathon will take home the grand prize of 3.000 euros (2.000 euros in cash and 1.000 in goods) and the opportunity to present their solution at Think Summit.
  • Your Solution
    You are being tasked with a challenge experts take weeks or even months to solve - and you have just 24 hours to come up with your solutions. We do not expect you to have an airtight answer which solves the challenge from every possible angle. We want you to show your skills, ability to learn on the spot and resourcefulness to come up with a Proof of concept which can actually be developed into a business-ready solution.

    We want a fresh perspective regarding the challenge and outside-the-box thinking. Do that and your chance of victory will increase dramatically.


Gather a team and apply until August 30th!


Engineers, Analyst and Data Scientist from the industry


Researchers and university representatives


Students with advanced knowledge of math

Teams need to consist of 3 to 5 members.