• IBM is a leading Information technology company present in every corner of the globe with over a century of tradition.

    We believe in progress - that the application of intelligence, reason, and science can improve business, society and the human condition. Through the use of Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, data analytics, Internet of things, database management systems, and security, to name a few, we consolidate the position of businesses firmly into the 21st century.

    IBM’s greatest invention and our most valuable asset is the IBMer.

  • Nelt is the number one company in providing complete solutions in distribution and logistics services. Building upon knowledge, experience, and business achievements, we aim to be the number one company in providing complete solutions in the field of distribution and logistics in all markets where we operate. We are bringing our experience of 25 years with us, continuing with our journey together and setting new expectations.

    Only by being focused on one another, but aware of our personal responsibilities, we can remain in the number one position. We recognize and believe in the power of us all because we are only as strong as each individual in the company is strong.


Gather a team or apply as an individual until August 30th!


Engineers, Analyst and Data Scientist from the industry


Researchers and university representatives


Students with advanced knowledge of math

Gather a team and apply until August 30th! Teams need to consist from 3 to 5 members.